Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click:
How It Could Grow Your Business

With Adwords, you have the ability to rise straight to the top of Google search, skipping the ranking queue. Many digital marketing agencies distance themselves from the use of paid marketing techniques, but in doing so they end up losing valuable leads for themselves and their clients.

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What You’ll Learn:

How to set up your Google Adwords Account

How to choose the right keywords to bid for

How to design a landing page that converts clicks to customers

Is Pay Per Click right for you?


  • Provides long term results (often for years)
  • Most people online skip adverts and go straight for organic results
  • Makes your brand look more credible if you rank highly in your niche
  • You can direct customers with queries towards specific landing pages
  • You can start small and re-invest to grow your SEO strategy to a massive scale


  • It can take some time for results¬†depending on competition
  • Requires patience and long-term planning