The power of facebook marketing is often underestimated, but we've found the key to profitable adverts

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A high Google Ranking can drive huge amounts of traffic which can transform your profitability

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Big Jumps in Website Traffic

Ranking higher on search engines will bring large amounts of traffic to your website, giving you many more opportunities to convert them into paying customers.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Unlike many other marketing costs, SEO allows you to accurately measure your return on investment. Once you see its potential, you'll consider dropping other campaigns!

Rolling Contracts

No-body likes the feeling of being trapped. At Finlay Media, we believe in delivering great quality work without restrictions. That's why we don't force clients to take on long term contracts.


Our job as an SEO company is to look at the most important metrics that search engines like Google want and deliver them to your website to build authority in your niche.

When all of the right boxes are ticked, you'll rank higher!

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Website Links

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Search Engine Optimisation is an industry in a state of growth. SEO Companies are popping up all of the time proclaiming that they can deliver results, but leave local businesses with nothing but an increase in expenses.

At Finlay Media, our focus is on building trust and loyalty with our clients so that they understand the value of our service and our ability to transform websites into sales machines.

What we offer is not a magic pill though. Search Engine Optimisation takes time to implement. It is a long term strategy that, when implemented properly, can deliver tremendous results.

We stress to our clients that patience is key to seeing results. Manipulating search results is possible so that ranking is done in days, but we would much tread carefully to ensure that growth is done organically.

Our mission statement is to help grow businesses that deliver massive value to the customers.
By only working with providers of excellent quality goods, we feel we are making a positive stamp on the universe.


There's something you should know...

We're really excited to hear from you, but before you enquire we'd really appreciate if you read our qualifications of partnership (below)

With digital marketing  such a huge opportunity for business growth, we would love to help everyone who approached us to grow their business. Especially because our SEO strategies are so powerful.

Unfortunately though, we can't.

When we first launched Finlay Media, we committed to providing an exclusive service to customers for where they operate. This allows us to partner together for long term growth and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest along the way.

In order to maintain this exclusivity, we decided to set the standard for our partnerships we build:

1. Healthy Businesses

We will only work with legitimate businesses that help solve problems for their customers.

2. Provide excellent value to customers

Our business is focused on partnering with businesses who pride themselves on the way they do things. We only want to be known for as only working with businesses that provide excellent value to their customers.

3. Already have some marketing in place

Our job as an SEO company is to supplement your existing strategy, but not to completely replace it. We like working with companies that already have a clear idea of how to generate business.

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Organic Search Marketing is extremely powerful

If you would like to read some information about SEO before you go ahead then you can have a read here

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