Make Growth Predictable.  Make Sales Easy.  Make Your Brand Unstoppable.  

Build a  lead generation System

Learn The Exact Formula We Use To Get Thousands of New Leads For Ourselves And Our Clients Without Using Dirty Tactics That Hurt Your Brand

Hi, I’m Grant

I’ve spent my entire career online — navigating the Internet and back again — and it’s my mission to help entrepreneurs stop wasting money on faulty websites.

You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend months creating your website, launch, and get underwhelming results?

I think by now, everyone can relate to this.

The truth is… what used to work: create a website, then do marketing, doesn’t work anymore.

I know this because I tried to do what everyone else was doing and it didn’t work for me either.

So I invented a new way and it was a GAME CHANGER for me and for my clients.

Personally, I went from a homepage that converted 15% of my visitors to 48%!

I went from an article that generated 0 leads to one that generates 1 lead every 8 minutes!

This isn’t magic, it’s really quite simple, but it took me stopping almost EVERYTHING I was doing in order to make it happen.

I’m offering free training to tell you exactly how I did this.

If you’re thinking you’ve already heard all there is to know about growing your business online, that’s what I thought too.

I was wrong.

Here’s what is different, you don’t need to do MORE marketing, you actually need to do LESS!

If you’re fed up trying to figure out how to get traction online, find out what you MUST know about websites and the Marketing Rat Race.

Most importantly, learn how you can finally get your own website working like a growth machine.