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About FinlayMedia.

Hello, I’m Grant Finlay, owner of FinlayMedia.

I just want to say right off the bat that ‘about’ pages aren’t really my thing.

The whole writing in ‘3rd person’ thing just feels so inauthentic to me.

So, I’ve decided to write this page as if I’m sending a friend a letter.

Which, in some ways, I suppose it is.

Anyway, what do you want to know?

I’m 25 years old. I’m 6ft 8 inches tall. I live in Glasgow.

Right now you might be wondering…

Is this guy and his marketing agency worth my time?

For many people reading this, my answer is NO.

Here’s why:

1. Rapid Business Growth Needs An Existing Business In Place

To achieve massive success with our marketing strategies, your business really needs to be ready to cope with a quick influx of customers. 

It’s our mission to deliver huge gains for the clients that we work for. That means if a business cannot handle the large number of customers that we send to them, then we, unfortunately, can’t work with them.

2. You’ve got to be willing to bet on your business.

You know the safest way to make money? It’s to simply get a job.

Business is about taking risk. Reason being, the rewards you enjoy are so sweet when they arrive at your door.

In order for you to enjoy the glory, you’ve got to be willing to put your chips on the table.

3. If you’re looking for overnight success. This isn’t the place for you.

It’s true that we handle A LOT of our client’s marketing systems for them.

Saying that though, you’ve got to be ready for a few bumps along the way.

The fact is that no road to sucess is smooth sailing. If it were, everyone would be successful.

We’ll do best to steer your business in the right direction towards profitable shores, but when if the weather gets stormy, don’t be the Captain who jumps out of the boat, especially when the sandy shores are often so close.

You’ve made it through the chasm? Great news!

Here’s what you can expect from me and my agency…

  • A strategic plan tailored towards your business goals
  • A team of expert digital marketers who will work tirelessly to ensure your success
  • Regular reporting of all tactics employed and the results derived

PLUS: We guarantee to achieve success with all campaigns that we both agree on.

Can you believe we just did that? A flat-out solid promise that if we don’t deliver you the results you expect, then you’ll be paid back in full all of your initial investment.

It’s risk-free. What could you lose out of this?

An unbelieveable offer that no other digital marketing agency will even come close to offer. That’s because we’re different.