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Coming Up With Concepts

I’ve been thinking about a bunch of ideas for Deserved Massage over the past couple of days and they’ve ranged from the weird to downright crazy.

From what I’ve read, I think this process of thrashing out as many ideas as possible is valid as what will end up happening is that a couple of rocks will come out that, when refined, can turn into real gems.

Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

Concept 1: Hidden Heroes

A series of clips showcasing the everyday heroic acts that people do for others; they’re not doing these acts for money or because they’re forced to do them. It’s because of love and love alone.

While that love for others is admirable, it’s important not to forget loving yourself. It’s only through acts of reinforcing your own self-worth that you can continue giving these people your full heart.

Concept 2: The Fast Lane

A day in the life of a busy man / woman. As they finish work they go home stressed and they can’t let go of their worries.

Cut to what their life is like with massage in their life.

Concept 3: Tool Maintenance

We see a short montage of people taking care of their tools: bikes, cars, drills, knives. It’s only through maintenance and care that they are able to use them at their best; these tools are essential to your life.

However, our bodies rarely get that level of treatment because they’re internal to us. We can’t see the benefits right there and then.

Eat a good diet, exercise etc. It takes a while for you to feel the benefits.

However, there is one thing that you can do and feel the difference right away… massage therapy.

Concept 4: Restricted

Every time you do something that places tension upon your body, it’s tightens the muscles in some parts of your body.

It’s like adding a protective layer to stop damage.

Show a series of clips of people doing things that cause tension whilst adding t-shirts.

But, if you never allow those layers to release, it can restrict you from doing pretty normal activities like: reaching the top shelf, washing your hair or picking up the kids.

Of course, there are a few ways to get rid of that tension: stretching out is a great way of doing it, but it can take weeks before you see any difference.

And sometimes the tension is so bad that you just can’t get it unstuck by yourself. Clip of someone trying to tear apart a t-shirt and failing.

The best way to overcome it is through massage therapy.

By getting a little hand, you’ll quickly be back to your normal self.

Concept 5: Emotional Baggage

People get upset at things all the time and naturally from spilling a coffee to losing out on a job to relationship trouble.

And, naturally they express themselves in order to let that out.

Thing is, if you’re close to someone who’s having a bit of a meltdown, then that emotional baggage now becomes yours.

Show a series of clips of people handing baggage to the narrator.

Eventually there is so many bags that they can’t move; they’re just surrounded by luggage.

You want to just walk away from them all, but it’s hard to figure out which ones are important and which ones aren’t.

Massage helps with that.

By allowing your mind to detach from all the baggage it’s holding onto, you can take a step back and clearly see what you need to concentrate on to make progress.

Choosing A Concept

Reading through the above concepts, I feel like they are all valid.

As I’m in the process of building up a portfolio of commercials, I want to make them all.

The next stage is to write scripts for them.

Here is a link to each of the scripts plus visual outlines: