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Tom is lying in his bed, the alarm goes off and he looks drowsy.

He gets up from bed, has a shower and brushes his teeth. Makes himself some toast and a coffee.

Then gets the subway to work. His phone is going off all day. His colleagues are stressing him out. 5pm strikes and he leaves work still stressed out.

He gets home and meets his partner, but doesn’t give her good vibes.

There’s awkwardness over dinner. Tension in the air.

They watch tv and go to sleep.

[New Scene with massage]

Tom is lying in his bed, he wakes up before the alarm and presses it as soon as it goes off. He’s delighted to be up and ready.

He has a shower, makes brushes his teeth. Makes himself and his partner some breakfast and coffee.

He walks to work, his phone is buzzing but he’s got a positive mindset. His meetings are more productive. When 5pm his, he leaves work, gets the subway home, helps someone cross the street.

Gets home and gives his partner a big hug.

Shot List:

  • In bed hitting alarm
  • In shower
  • Brushing teeth
  • Kettle going off
  • Pouring into coffee mug + milk + sugar
  • Slurping coffee
  • In subway train
  • At desk, answering calls
  • In meeting with colleague(s)
  • In subway train
  • In street with stranger
  • At home, with partner
  • Watching tv with partner