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The Script

Every day, around the world people do good things and bad things.

While it’s easy to question the ethics of these behaviours, what’s more important than the fact they exist is that is that the good outweighs the bad.

It’s a battle that we all go through every single day.

Do we act for the good of humanity, our friends, our loved ones or do we choose the path of the ego; putting ourselves first?

Have you noticed that it’s those times when you give to others that you seem to get the biggest reward?

The virtuousness of a greater cause inspires others and they give back.

We all win. We’re all better off. And, we’re all happier.

But casting aside that negativity isn’t easy.

It’s itching to get out and wreak havoc wherever it can, leading you astray from your higher purpose.

There’s a way to overcome it though.

It’s called ‘letting go’.

You do this by becoming aware of your emotions, accepting that they are passing by then setting them free.

There are lots of ways you can let go from meditation to hypnosis to yoga…

But massage therapy seems to have the most immediate effect.

Through a combination of physical touch, the aromas around you, pleasant sounds and calming lights, it becomes much easier to let go of negative emotions.

And, when they leave, you can just enjoy the happy ones.