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We create facebook ads that convert cold traffic into hungry buyers

The truth is…facebook is a big social gathering where people go for entertainment. It’s our job as marketers to draw them away from the boring news feed and get them to use your services to improve their lives

The Ugly Reality Behind What We Do

Most peoples’ lives are boring.

They aren’t living the life which they desire and so, they tune into a feed of other peoples’ stories for inspiration and distraction.

Even worse, those stories are often falsely represented by ‘friends’ they haven’t spoken to for years.

I won’t lie - the situation is rather bleak.

It’s our duty to help these people get off their facebook feeds and use your awesome service so they stop wasting their lives doing nothing and make the most of every second.


Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook has created a rich database of people from all walks of life that allows marketers to select exactly who they want to target and skip the rest.

By creating a piece of content that is super engaging and relevant to your target audience, you can get them to leave facebook and consider doing something else with their time.

It’s our job to make sure that the message that you put out on facebook hits your precise target market with a message and an offer that gets them interested in your service so that you can make more sales.

Where Most People Go Wrong With FB Ads

Most issues with facebook marketing can be broken down to:

  • Not understanding exactly who your customer is
  • Creating a poor message that doesn’t engage your audience
  • Making a offer that doesn’t entice your customer

Creating the right mix of these three elements is the difference between an advert that drives hot leads to your business and one that turns them off, never to be seen again.



An Example Of Our Work

Our client DockYard Social was able to:

  • Reach hundreds of thousands of people in their area
  • Convert those people into highly engaged fans
  • Sell thousands of ticket sales before the event
  • Get seen on television and all major newspapers
  • Build a massive email list that can be used for future events

Get Started With A Strategy Session

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