Work with A PPC Specialist in Glasgow that Knows How To…

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    Create A PPC Advert That Attracts Your Audience

    It’s all well and good to say your agency can manage a PPC Campaign, but actually getting people to click on it and engage requires much a much better skillset

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    Achieve A Higher Google Adwords Quality Score

    Google Adwords has a special algorithm it uses to rank adverts. With the right knowhow, your can get more clicks even if your advert is placed higher than your competition

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    Re-Target Audiences Who Have Already Shown An Interest

    One of the most powerful advertising tools available is re-marketing. By plugging the holes in your funnel, you’ll be able to significantly increase the number of sales for your business

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Our Success

So how do we get such great results?

Step 1

The Strategy

At the beginning of the project we always go through a discovery period, so we can find out more about your products, your services, your target audience and your marketing objectives.

These objectives may be to build your Facebook community, build a sustainable channel of leads or drive sales through your website.

From gathering this information the team will then create a bullet-proof Facebook ads strategy, so we can find your target audience on Facebook, engage with them in the right way and get them to fulfil your marketing objectives.

Step 2


Facebook have created some incredible ways to find your target audience on their platform. Our aim would be to use the right targeting tools to get your ads placed in-front of the right people.

Here are some of the available targeting options:

  • You can target people who have visited your website
  • You can target people who look similar to the people who visited your website
  • You can upload your customer database to Facebook and target them
  • You can target people who look similar to your existing customer database (usually a high converting audience!)
  • You can select different interests your audience have and make a targeting profile from scratch

Step 3

The Creative

Your ads need to stand out. Period.

Whether we’re using a carousel ad, a slideshow ad, a video ad or a local awareness ad, it’s important the time is taken to get the creative right.

Our team of experts will piece together what works for your market and determine what imagery and copy will get the best results from your audience.

We take care of the whole creative process right to way through to getting the ads up and running.

Step 4

Optimising the advert

nce we’ve created a strategy, found your audience on Facebook, created some superb adverts, we then need to start running the campaign.

From here on in, it’s all about optimisation.

Optimisation is simply a process of ‘improving’ the ads. We need to figure out how we can get more people to click on your ads, how we can get more engagement on the ads, which audience is converting the best and how can we get more conversions.

This is the real secret sauce of Facebook ads and after years of experience we have our own optimisation methods that make us the best in the business.

Step 5

Scaling your campaign

Scaling Facebook ads is what every business owner wants and needs. The ability to reach more people, have more adverts running, drive more website traffic and generate more sales.

After all the ground-work is done and we are delivering a consistent flow of great results we can then begin creating plans around how we can really ramp up the ads.

We can increase spend, get more reach, split test ads, find new audiences, try new ad types, improve up-sells and lots lots more to scale up the campaign.