Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation:
How It Could Grow Your Business

When your communications allow customers to understand how your service will benefit their life and elevate their status amongst those around them, not only will your adverts convert better, you will have a customer base

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What You’ll Learn:

How to save hours of time on any SEO project

How to rank your website on the first page of Google

The process we use for SEO that works every time

Is Search Engine Optimisation right for you?

Some people hear about SEO from a friend or read something online about it, but aren’t quite sure it can help…


  • Provides long term results (often for years)
  • Most people online skip adverts and go straight for organic results
  • Makes your brand look more credible if you rank highly in your niche
  • You can direct customers with queries towards specific landing pages
  • You can start small and re-invest to grow your SEO strategy to a massive scale


  • It can take some time for results depending on competition
  • Requires patience and long-term planning
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We get search engines to trust your brand so you show up higher in organic search

Through the use of the most up-to-date techniques, we build relevancy and trust in your brand with search engines (mainly Google) so that your website is shown to potential customers

How we do it


Keyword Research

We make sure that we target the right terms for your target audience and optimise specific pages. That way, when traffic comes to your website, it converts.


Content & Linking

At its core, SEO is all about building trust for your website. That means writing relevant content and linking from relevant websites in your niche.


Monitor & Report

Lastly, we make sure that you receive regular updates on your ranking so that you have complete confidence and trust in us that we are doing our job right!

What kind of companies get the biggest benefit out of Search Engine Optimisation?

Who can benefit from SEO?

The truth is, the results from SEO can benefits almost any business because the use of Google is so widespread in the UK.

Who doesn’t want more enquiries?

Saying that, we must note that getting results for competitive terms does take a bit of time and so it’s vital that when working on an SEO project that you have the patience and finances to support such an undertaking.

A small company starting an SEO project and abandoning after 3 months isn’t unheard of. However, it’s a shame because if they persevered, then the long term results would pay handsome dividends.

Who we find gets the most out of SEO:

We really want to work with companies that are passionate about solving a solution for their customers and want to expand, but aren’t sure how to make that happen.

That’s where we come in and take the brunt of the load off and allow business owners the ability to focus on serving their customers rather than running around trying to find them.

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SEO Case Study

We dramatically increased the search presence of the 1st Class Upholstery, for a number of local Glasgow based search terms. 1st Class Upholstery now ranks for Local Search terms such as “Upholstery Glasgow” and “Furniture Upholstery Glasgow”.

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