Want to turn your website into a lead generation machine?

If you’re looking for an evergreen source of traffic that is highly targeted for your ideal customer audience and represents over 75 percent of search engine activity then without a doubt, Search Engine Optimisation should be one of your top options.

What does a Search Engine do?

Whoa, hold your horses!

Do you even know what search engines do?

A search engine’s job is to sift through all of the available information online and choose the most relevant and accurate content for those who need it when searching.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

So, that means search engine optimisation is all about making sure that your website is extremely useful and relevant to someone’s search so that the algorithm picks you out and ranks you the highest.

Why would you even want to be high up in the search engine rankings?

This might sound like a stupid question, but we do get asked it (a lot).

Marketing is essentially about finding where your target market ‘hangs out’ and going there with a great offer and a message that conveys that offer in a good enough way to get them to buy.

Before we got all caught up in the crazy spectacle that is the internet, the main way most people understood how to get in front of target audiences was to open a shop in a prominent location in town.

That still very much exists, but the truth is that the traffic (where your target market hang out) is no longer the town.

People don’t search for things that way anymore. They know that it is much quicker, simpler, easier and cheaper just to pull out their phone and type their question straight into Google and within seconds, they’ll have in front of them the solution to their problem.

Let me tell you something, the solution to their problems are worth money and the higher you rank on Google, the more people will enquire about your solution and the more money you will make.

That’s why you should care about search engines and SEO.


Do you like money?

Then read on.

The lowdown on how SEO can make you a stack of cash.

This formula is literally the key to the internet.

Here you go, the internet is now yours:

Clicks to website
Conversions to Enquiries
Conversions to Sales

If that doesn’t click with your straight away then don’t worry, we didn’t get it first time.

Remember from earlier we talked about how search engines will rank you highly if they see that you are putting out useful content?

That is where the traffic part of the formula comes from.

We’ll take a really conservative approach to start with to prove how effective SEO is worth to you.

If you own a local business and rank in the top 7 of search, you’ll probably get a minimum of around 10% share of the people searching for your service.

If the number of people searching for your service was say, 1000 per month then that means you could expect around 100 visitors coming to your website (the equivalent of 100 people coming into your brick and mortar shop).

If you have a mediocre website, then you might expect to convert 10% of those visitors into paying customers.

Great, so 10 new customers per month! If you do a quick sum in your head then how much would that equate to in revenue per month?

Now, here is the fun part.

If you rank slightly higher in the rankings say the top 3 – you can expect around a 20% share of the search engine traffic. Effectively doubling the number of enquiries you’ll get to your mediocre website.

Ranking #1 will give you at least 30% of the search visitors!

And, that’s with a piss poor website that barely converts.

Imagine that instead of driving around in an old Nissan Micra website, you had a top of the range Ferrari one that made your business look much more professional and welcoming.

That might increase the conversion rate a bit more don’t you think?

You might expect to get around another 70 sales per month based on those simple calculations!

How much would that be worth to you?

For some it might be a few hundred pounds, for others it will be the tens of thousands!

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