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SEO Company Manchester

SEO for Manchester Businesses That
Actually Works!

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    Generate A Consistent Supply Of Leads

    With a top level ranking on Google, you’ll have hundreds or even thousands of potential new visitors visiting you every month

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    Invest in SEO For A Huge ROI

    It’s not unheard of to see a 10 times return on your investment by working with a SEO partner who knows what they are doing

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    Boost Your Brand's Visibility

    Ranking highly on Google is a sure way to increase trust with your audience - if you’re seen at the top, it does wonders for your sales

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Some of our happy SEO clients from Manchester

“FinlayMedia has grown my business massively. I now get more business than I can handle”

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our traffic online and leads generated from their SEO work”

So how do we get such great results?

Step 1

The Strategy

At the beginning of every project we go through what is called a discovery period. That way, we can find out more about your products, services, your target market and your marketing objectives.

These objectives may be to grow your audience, generate more leads or to drive sales through your website.

After gathering this information, our team will have a much better idea of what it will take to achieve the best results for you.

Step 2

Keyword Research

There are trillions of keyword variations out there, but we’re only interested in the ones that achieve your business goals.

We will use the information from the discovery period to search for a list of keywords that are most likely to fit your needs.

We will then discuss these keywords with you and highlight the ones that require most attention, remove those of less significance and add on any extras that you deem necessary.

Step 3

On-page Optimisation

Vital to the success of any SEO campaign is its relevance to the selected keywords.

At this stage we will analyse the pages that you want to rank and make suitable alterations to the page to make sure that Google deems it relevant to your keywords.

This typically involves writing content, adding images and re-pointing links from different areas of your website to ensure a certain ‘flow’.

Step 4

Off-page optimisation

This element of SEO is very often misunderstood by many digital agencies and they end up making a mess of it or leaving it out altogether, which ends up getting no results.

We understand the way Google works and how delicate off-page SEO tactics need to be.

By ensuring your website is linked to only from high quality, authoritative sources, your rankings will last for a long time.

Step 5

Upkeep & Expansion

Once we’ve achieved the desired rankings on Google and the results are demonstrated (leads are coming into your business).

We’ll review the project with you and provide you with an analysis of future opportunities that you may wish to take advantage of to further grow your business.

If you are happy with the level of success, but don’t want to expand any further we’ll train you on how to maintain these rankings without our help so you can keep business coming in.

Make sure you work with an SEO Company in Manchester who knows how to rank:

We’re no small fish. The terms we go after here at FinlayMedia are some of the toughest in Manchester with hundreds of other SEO consultants going after these terms.

“SEO Company Manchester”

“SEO Manchester”

“SEO Agency Manchester”

What to expect from most Manchester SEO agencies

Although many people proclaim to be skilled in search engine optimisation, when it comes to producing results they can’t seem to manage to achieve success. Here’s what to expect from other SEO agencies in Glasgow:

Basic SEO review, but no digital marketing advice.

One of the biggest problems that we see in the SEO industry is that when you as a business approach an SEO company, they will expect you to tell you what keywords that you need to rank for in order to sell more of your services. The problem here lies in the fact that, for a beginner in the SEO game, it can be pretty tricky getting your head around keyword research.

No promises or guarantees of ranking “it can take years”.

The benefits of ranking highly for terms that are relevant to your business are clear, but what is frustrating is the vague timescale that many Glasgow SEO companies put on the projects. They simply refuse to say “we guarantee to have you ranking for term X, by this date”. It just doesn’t happen. No-one likes investing their hard earned money with the potential that it will simply disappear into the agency’s pocket.

Unable to get in contact with your account manager.

While there needs to be a good sense of trust involved for your SEO partner, you also need to be able to reach them fairly quickly if something needs discussed. What if you’ve had a breakthrough and want to re-align your marketing strategy? With typical SEO companies, you’ll find the phone ringing out and find your brilliant ideas are hindered by their lack of accessibility.

Tactics that can result in your website receiving a penalty

The SEO market has become saturated with people who proclaim that they can rank your website; they announce that their doors are open for business without learning at a core level how search engines work. When you work with someone who lacks the knowledge and experience to take on your brand, you are taking a massive risk that the techniques that they use won’t knock you down your rankings. Are you willing to take that risk?

What makes our Manchester SEO Agency Unique?


We treat our clients with respect.

We made the decision early on that any SEO projects we worked on would be on a partnership basis. We agree upon a deal that requires very little upfront investment on your part (we take all of that on), but instead make money based on how well we perform in generating enquiries for your business. This process keeps us accountable and our relationship tight.


We grow businesses, not just keyword rankings.

We realise that search engine optimisation is more than about just ranking websites higher on Google. It’s really about acquiring more customers for great businesses. SEO is just a way of driving more interested buyers to you. That’s why we make sure that we inherently understand your business and your services before we engage in any kind of partnership. That way, we can help guide you towards decisions that will benefit you in the long-term.


Our SEO Strategies are built for long-term growth.

Where many SEO specialists fail is that they look at their any work they carry out on a 6 month basis. They realise that their clients expect results within 6 months and pull out old SEO tricks that will get quick results, but after that initial kickstart is over, those results will soon begin to fade. While we still want to achieve fast rankings with our partners (we want to make money too), we make sure that the strategies that are used have longevity so that we don’t wake up one morning and see our success wiped away by a sweeping Google update.

Sound like we might be a good fit?

If so, amazing! We do have 3 criteria for working with us though…

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    A Healthy Business

    We work with companies that have already been running for a while as it shows that they can provide a successful solution for their customer .

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    An Existing Marketing Plan

    It’s important for us that we work with businesses who understand how marketing works. That way, when we work with you, you’ll be comfortable with our approach

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    A Great Product or Service

    For every product or service that we work with, we give it a test before we begin promoting them.

We carefully consider every partner.

It’s really important for us that the businesses we work with share our values (if you haven’t checked it already see our about page). We want to help businesses reach their full potential with our digital marketing skills and to reap the rewards of those efforts alongside people who we see as friends.

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