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Get A Professional Video Advert (Shot & Edited) For Your Brand

Do you need to increase your brand awareness quickly?

Been trying image ads and getting absolutely nowhere?

Need your video to look professional, but don’t have a BLOCKBUSTER BUDGET?


Grant Finlay

Hi, my name’s Grant and I’m a video producer & director, based in Glasgow.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been using digital marketing to help businesses grow and scale.

Through my work, I’ve helped generate hundreds of thousands in sales.

Although my strategies were working, it felt like I was pushing sales uphill which took huge amounts of effort!

I started looking for ways to make marketing easier and stumbled upon storytelling as a mechanism to build trust with customers.

After experimenting with it in my ad copy, I noticed everything start to perform better!

The reason for this was simple:

By getting your audience to invest emotionally with a story, it makes them WANT to buy from you

That means less time trying to sell your offer

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you didn’t need to convince customers to buy?

I think so!

Digital media has given us many different ways to share stories from blog posts to podcasts to intricate landing pages…

From my experience, nothing has a lick on video adverts though!

I remember the first time I tried making one.

It was super basic – just an interview with a client sharing their story and why they believe in their service.

My client got a TONNE of enquiries through and easily converted them to sales because of the higher levels of trust and belief in the service.

It was at that point, I realised that I needed to focus specifically on producing story-led videos.

Here’s the video:

What Makes A Great Video Producer?

These days anyone can call themselves a maker of videos and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, it’s important to distinguish the difference between someone who will deliver a professional video that attracts and excites your audience and one that puts them off.

In my view, the following traits are absolutely necessary when hiring a video producer:

Project Management

In creative industries, it’s not uncommon to work with people who don’t have their head screwed on straight.

Sure, they’re cool as a cucumber, but when it comes to getting the work done (and on time) – it’s difficult to count on them.

Having worked outside the creative industries for a number of years, running my own businesses, I’ve developed strong project management skills.

This ensures that your video will be delivered on time and to your expectations!

An Understanding Of How To Tell Stories

While a lot of video producers focus on getting ‘the look’ right, it’s infinitely more important that the story itself is the key focus.

If you’ve seen a Michael Bay movie, where eye-catching explosions take precedent, then you’ll no doubt agree.

More important than being flashy is that your target audience has absolute clarity about what is happening.

By working your audience’s head and heart together, your advert will have maximum effect

As soon as it’s lost, they’re out and sales opportunities are lost!

Equipment & Knowledge Of How To Use It

Some videographers have all the gear, but no idea…

While others are just messing around with their smartphones!

I have one of the top of the range cameras available on the market and have spent plenty of time learning how to use it.

So you can rest assured that I’ll be ready to capture everything on the day.

My Video Production Service In Glasgow

Like any service, video production appears hard to do on the outside, but when you have a system that works, it becomes more viable.

I now exclusively offer video production to help brands take advantage of this marketing massive opportunity!

From everything I’ve seen in my own campaigns, my clients and my mentors, I am confident that with my help, you’ll get results.

What It Involves

I use a storytelling framework called ‘The Hero’s Journey’ to structure my commercials.

The chances are that if you’ve seen any good film or tv show in the last 60 years, it’s used this framework too.

Beyond that timeframe, it was used unknowingly by ancient storytellers as they passed down their knowledge through generations.

By tapping into humans’ desire to follow a simple narrative structure, it helps your audience to engage, which drives more results!

How To Get Started

I do my utmost to keep the whole process as simple as possible; that way you are completely clear on what to expect.

Step 1: Free Consultation

We start off by having a coffee and discussing your goals for the video

Step 2: The Shoot

We arrange a date and time for me to shoot the video

Step 3: The Edit

Within 7 days, I’ll have it edited and ready for your feedback!

Ready to get started?

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